Privacy Policy

This privacy policy discloses the practices that Green Gardens Company performs while collecting information through its website. Be aware that when referring to “we,” “company,” or “Website,” we mean Green Gardens. When referring also to the use of “you” or “the customer” we mean all our customers who get our services or buy products through our website.

The Privacy Policy applies to the information the website collects and it aims to inform you generally of the information we collect,and how we use it. 

Your use of the site and your request for services and products through it indicate your full agreement with our privacy policy, and our way of collecting, storing and using your information in order to provide distinguished services. This page expresses Green Gardens privacy policy and is the main official document that explains our use of information. Green Gardens are subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding the protection and use of information online.

This privacy policy includes all the information we collect, if you do not agree to our privacy policy please stop using the site immediately.

The information we collect from you

In order to provide excellent services to all Green Gardens customers, we collect some personal data and information that helps us in performing our services. This information includes name, email address, address, payment details and mobile number.

You must provide this information to us properly and accurately, and you must also make sure that all of this information is up to date in order to help us provide your service in an appropriate manner. If any of the above information is incorrect, we will not be able to properly provide the services you requested.

How we use the information we collect

Green Gardens uses the information we collect from you to provide the service you requested appropriately, or to obtain the product that you requested through us:

  • We obtain information through the on-site registration process or through direct contact with you.
  • We use data only to provide the services or products you have requested.
  • This information supports your relationship with Green Gardens. We will not share or sell this information to any third parties, therefore we guarantee that no violation of your privacy or personal data will occur.
  • Sometimes we may contact you to promote some of our services or products that may be of use to you based on our previous dealings.
  • We also use your information to answer you comprehensively about the service you have requested or the inquiry you have provided to us.

How do we protect your information?

Green Gardens works hard to keep your data safe from unauthorized access or disclosure in any way. We operate according to all safety and security standards for protecting and maintaining your personal data. In order to reduce the risk of your Green Gardens account being compromised or compromised we recommend passwords greater than 8 characters, which must include letters, numbers, and symbols. You should also beware of using expected passwords such as your name, birthday or others.

How to contact us?

You can contact Green Gardens through the email or the mobile number on the site. We will use this information to contact you periodically to provide information about the service you have requested or the product you want to purchase. Also, in cases of promotions that we do, we will contact you.

Out of respect for your privacy, you can choose to stop receiving promotional emails by following the unsubscribe instructions listed in the emails.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Green Gardens may change or amend its privacy policy in order to protect your information more accurately, and also to provide our services in a manner that suits you.

You should check this page continuously in order to know its latest updates. If you feel that the new privacy policy is not suitable for you, you should immediately stop using the site.

Your use of the site after we change the privacy policy indicates your full agreement with all terms mentioned in this policy.