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In case you can not send the measurements of your area, you can request this service and get it done by our team of specialists. As any engineering work, we need to determine the dimensions of each element of the garden at a scale of about 1: 500 in the large areas and determine the dimensions of roads, places of sitting, basins and areas between plants. As well as, for the calculation of drilling and filling cubes and the number of plants needed in addition to the cost of implementation of the design.

How it works

When you choose this additional service you will save your time and effort. Our specialists help you take accurate measurements wherever you are. Taking measurements is a necessary step before starting the project. This will enable our designers to create the best solutions based on the available area. To make an initial sketch for your area and start working on replacement and renewal after approval of the schemes. You can determine the available appointment by filling the form. Once your request is submitted, we'll contact you to confirm the appropriate time.

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